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Patented algorithm delivers optimum fish feeding predictions for your specific location. It calculates the influence of barometric pressure, as well as that of sun/moon position and moon phase.(Pat. 7,536,375)

Knowledgeable fishermen know that sun/moon positions, moon phase and barometric pressure have an important bearing on fish feeding activity. For many sportsmen, solunar theory an understanding of the movements of the sun and the moon as they affect fish has long been an important tool.

Thanks to Laylin Associates' Anglers Edge app technology, (used formerly in the popular Speedtech Instruments Angler's Edge instrument) serious fishermen can now take advantage of the most advanced development of solunar theory. The traditional feeding predictions based on sun and moon influences were once available only by consulting hard-to-understand, ever-changing, seasonal charts. Also, they did not take into account the important impact of barometric pressure, or distinguish between the biological behavior of fish and game animals. Today, thanks to a new and sophisticated algorithm, all of this information is now clearly presented in the Laylin Anglers Edge app. A combined total of over 40 years of professional fishery research experience and personal observations contributed to the development of the algorithm used in the App.

This new and intuitive algorithm doesnt consider merely sun and moon information. Based on GPS data, sun/moon almanac information and barometric pressure trends, it calculates and presents hour-by-hour predictions of fish feeding activity for any location in the USA. The results, plus much other valuable information are clearly shown in the Anglers Edge app, offering a powerful, comprehensive tool for anglers to determine the best times to fish. (Knowing when the fish are motivated to feed, or not, also helps the angler determine what tactics to use, even when the fish are not inclined to feed.)


  • Auto location by GPS, zip code, or map * User adjustable location
  • Hour-by-hour updated predictions based on changing weather conditions
  • Predictions include barometric pressure influence for first four hours only
  • Sun/moon rise/set times * moon phase
  • Tide data and water temperatures for coastal fishermen (Continental US/AK/HI)
  • Current weather and 1-wk prediction
  • Wind speed & direction * visibility * humidity
  • 12-hr barometric pressure history
  • Future predictions through 21st Century
  • Feeding predictions are for all species of game fish. (Game animal feeding predictions are different and are presented in the Deer Hunters App.)
  • Available on iOS and Android

Angler's Edge is available on the App Store for $4.99 at:

And serious hunters can now take advantage of solunar theory thanks to Laylin Associates Deer Hunters Edge app, as used in the SpeedTech Instruments Deer Hunters Edge instrument.

There are many tables, charts, and calendars which claim to predict daily feeding activity of game animals. Theres only one truly scientific Deer Hunters Edge!

Deer hunters Edge is available on the App Store for $4.99 at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anglers-edge/id689417156?mt=8

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